You’ve invested a lot of time and effort to build your business. As a business owner you have enough on your mind. You’ve invested in property, machinery, equipment and other assets in order to conduct and grow your business. Protect your investments and make sure you’re covered by speaking with our Commercial Insurance Experts about your business needs. Connect Insurance Brokers offers a variety of insurance packages especially designed to meet the changing needs of different industries. Such as:

Building Ownership Insurance
Contractors Package
Bonding - Bid, Performance, Warranty, Labour & Materials
Commercial and Residential Strata Insurance
Directors' & Officers' Liability (see Professional)
Error's & Omission's Insurance (see Professional)
Retail Store Package
Office Package
Property & Liability Insurance for Manufacturers
Property & Liability Insurance for Wholesalers
Special Events Insurance

Commercial Building Owners

As the owner of a commercial building you have a substantial investment to protect. Connect Insurance Brokers will provide the best insurance coverage for the repair and replacement of your building. This may also include any loss of rental income, business contents and liability protection for your building. If a serious fire damages your building you need to be confident that your policy has the correct amount of coverage for you to repair or re-build. Whether you own or lease the building you operate your business from, we have the right combination of coverage and options to keep things running. Choose from our basic and customized protection for your property, contents and other items against loss, damage or theft.

You can also choose from our available endorsements to tailor your policies to your needs, including coverage for earthquakes, floods, sewer backups, and more. See a list of our most common Business property coverage options below.

Business Property

We offer basic and customized protection for your property, contents and other items against loss, damage or theft. This includes:

Buildings at replacement cost
Contents at replacement cost (excludes stock)
Loss of income (including 90-day payroll)
Extra expenses required to resume operations
Valuable papers and records
Accounts receivable
Exterior glass
Newly-acquired locations
Data processing systems
Trees, plants and shrubs
Damage to your building caused by theft


With liability insurance, you’re protected in the event that you are found legally liable for injuries caused to another person or damage to their property. This also includes:

Medical expenses
Liability from use of non-owned automobiles
Personal and advertising injury
Your liability as a tenant


Our business policies provide coverage for criminal occurrences, whether it’s employee dishonesty, forged cheques or loss of money or securities on your premises.

Loss of Income from Business Interruption

If your business is unable to function because of an insured loss, we offer protection for the loss of income you may face.

Building By-laws Endorsement

Adds coverage for additional costs incurred if you have to repair or rebuild your damaged property to comply with any by-laws or zoning laws, if the cause of damage is covered by your policy.

Earthquake Endorsement

Adds coverage for loss or damage to your insured property from earthquakes.

Flood Endorsement

Adds coverage for flood damage, including floods caused by the rising, breaking or overflow of any natural or man made body of water, including waves, tides and tidal waves. Water below the surface of the ground that seeps or leaks into the premises is not included.

Sewer Backup Endorsement

This option adds sewer backup to the definition of water damage on your policy. It covers the escape of water from a sewer system or sump pump system, excluding seepage or leakage from natural sources.

Sign Floater

Adds Actual Cash Value coverage for your exterior signs.

Miscellaneous Property Floater

This option provides Actual Cash Value coverage for scheduled items that might be mobile and are not already covered under your policy. Limits are specified for each item, and coverage applies on or off premises anywhere in Canada or Continental United States. This option also includes a locked-vehicle warranty.

Motor Truck Cargo Floater

Provides coverage if you are paid to transport property that belongs to other people, or to transport your own goods in vehicles that you own and operate.

Contractor's Equipment Floater

If you are a contractor, this option provides broad coverage for your equipment.

Consequential Loss Endorsement (including Off Premises Service Interruption)

Adds coverage for stock spoilage if the cause of loss or damage due to a change in temperature. This also includes coverage for loss or damage caused by an off-premises power interruption.

Tool Floater

This option provides broad coverage for all tools and equipment usual to your trade or business, including but not limited to saws, spades, drills, ladders, hammers, brushes, drop cloths and ratchets that are used on or off premises. Coverage applies anywhere in Canada and the Continental United States. This policy also contains a locked-vehicle warranty.

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